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The Alex Tribune began publishing weekly in Alex, Oklahoma, on June 7, 1907, and continued until the December 1942 under various owners. The newspaper chronicled much of the early history of the town. After the paper was discontinued, master copies were preserved on microfiche at the Oklahoma Historical Society. In 2005 with the opening of the Oklahoma History Center, archives of the Alex Tribune were transferred there.

In February 2014, a group of longtime Alex residents came together to bring the Tribune home where it belongs. Every surviving edition of the Alex Tribune was converted by History Center staff to PDF format to allow the newspapers to be uploaded to this website where they would be freely viewable by all persons interested in Alex history and research. Obtaining the newspapers was not inexpensive and donations continue to be accepted.

Read Alex Tribune newspapers

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Karen Foster Beam, in memory of M. O. Foster and his wife, Emma "Amy" Burris Burnett Foster, and their son, Thomas Franklin Foster; his wife, Martha Jane "Mattie" Holbrook Foster (the daughter of D. N. Holbrook and Margreth Polk Holbrook) and the children of Thomas and Mattie Foster: Frances Foster Bryan, Reford Foster, Geneva Foster Cofer (and Kenneth Foster), including second wife of Thomas Franklin Foster, Mabel Horn McMeans Foster and their children: Toma Foster, Clarence Foster, Russell Ellis Foster and Travis Foster. The descendants of these families are very proud to be connected to the community of Alex, Oklahoma, and feel that their ancestor, Thomas Jefferson Foster, of Linden and Grapevine, Texas, greatly influenced many of his family members to come to the Alex community and other surrounding areas.

Melinda Patterson Boatwright, in memory of Tecumseh McClure, former President of the Chickasaw Nation; the family of William "Frank" Morris; Dow and Nell Patterson and Jack and Gloria Patterson; Sam and Rosie Drummond, Ira and Alta Boatwright and their son, Loyd Boatwright.

Shirley Horn Bray, in memory of the families of Jessie Ray and Tennie Hollis Horn, Nathan Truston and Ethel Hoover Stuckey and James O. and Martha Alletta Warren Hoover.

Elanna Cope Chitwood, in memory of the Alexander and Chitwood families, founders of the town of Alex.

Faye Stuard Hess, in memory of John and Bettie Drake Hess, and in honor of their son, longtime Alex resident, Frank Hess

Scott Niles, in memory of OBryan and Elvie Wilson, Sam and Sybil Cecil and Wilma Jean Cecil Niles.

Sue Manning Moore, in memory of Tom and Susie Phillips and their children, Nig, Annie (Mann), Bob, Olean (Bowen) and Dorothy (Godwin); and Cornelius and Maggie Godwin, their sons Nealy, John and Emmitt, and Emmitt's daughters, Dorse Olean Godwin (Manning) and Reba Jo Godwin (Shaw).

Nancy Lents Witt, in memory of Bowman and Alice Lents, Judy Lents Sharp and the Drennon and Wilson families of Alex.

How to view the Alex Tribune newspapers

The newspapers are made available in Portable Documennt Format (PDF), a universal format used worldwide to view documents. You must be connected to the internet to view or download any newspaper unless you have purchased the newspapers on DVD. Those who did not donate toward the purchase of the newspapers can order the two-disc set of Alex Tribunes on DVD for a fee. Please email the webmaster at the link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Viewing on a traditional desktop or laptop computers running Windows, Mac or LInux:

Online viewing: You can read the newpapers in any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox. Google Chrome, Opera, etc.). Clicking on the link to a newspaper file should open it in your browser of choice. EVEN WHEN USING A HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION, PLEASE ALLOW TIME FOR A NEWSPAPER FILE TO DOWNLOAD. EVEN THOUGH SECTIONED INTO SMALLER SEGMENTS TO MAKE THE FILES MORE MANAGEABLE, THEY ARE STILL LARGE. If a newspaper does not open when you click the link, first check that you are running the most current version of your browser. You may also not have the proper browser plugin installed. If you cannot solve this by Googling it, email the webmaster at the link at the bottom of the page.

Offline viewing with any traditional computer: All modern traditional computer browsers provide a way for you to download a PDF file to your computer or device. You may freely download any of the Alex Tribunes for personal use. The newspapers are provided for research and historical purposes only and may not be sold, copied, printed or transferred to any other user. Documents presented in PDF format cannot be edited or changed in any way.

If you download newspapers for offline viewing on a traditional desktop or laptop, you MUST have Adobe Reader (or another PDF viewer) installed to view the file. Adobe Reader comes pre-installed on most traditional computers but please ensure you are running the most current version of the Reader by opening the program, clicking "Help" on the top toolbar and then clicking "Check for updates." This will force a downloand of the most current version of the reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it free by clicking the following link:


Viewing on a tablet or phone

iPad or iPhone: Current devices of this type should be running iOS 7, which provides native support for viewing PDF files through the Safari browser. PDF files may also downloaded to the device and and viewed in iBooks. If you are not running iOS 7 on your device or if you do not have iBooks installed, you may download it from the Apple store.

Android tablets and phones: These devices provide native support for PDF files through pre-installed stock browsers, Google Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android and other specialty browsers such as Dolphin. To view downloaded PDF files, Adobe Reader and other PDF viewers are availble for these devices through the Play Store.

Touch-enabled Windows laptops, tablets or phones: Online viewing of PDF files can be done in the same manner as with a traditional Windows computer. For offline viewing, a touch-enabled Adobe Reader for these devices is available in the Windows Store.

How to access Alex Tribune newspapers

The newspapers can be accessed in a public folder on the Alex History website by clicking the following link:

Read Alex Tribune newspapers

Browse newspapers by clicking on the folders. The online newspapers have been sectioned by years into smaller files to make the downloads faster and the files more manageable.

How to search Alex Tribune newspapers

Newspapers can be browsed online but cannot be searched. The papers contain an embedded search by keyword function that is only available when the a file is downloaded for offline viewing and opened in Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer.

Only one downloaded file can be searched at one time. After you have downloaded a file and opened it in Adobe Reader, click "Edit" and then "Find" in the Adobe Reader toolbar and enter your search terms.

The files on the DVDs are very large and although only one of these can be searched at a time, the search results are much broader and may span several years.

Want to comment on something you read in the Alex Tribune?

At this time, commenting on Alex Tribune articles is not possible through this website. Please post any comments in the Facebook group linked on the home page. If you are not a member, please ask to be included in the group. If you do not use Facebook, you may email comments to the Alex History webmaster.