Alex, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma

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Brief History

This book is used with permission. Scanned to PDF format from an original hard copy, it has been redacted to remove individual addresses, regardless of whether a particular person is living or deceased. It has also been repaginated in the index below to reflect the actual number of pages shown in the PDF files rather than the pages shown in the book, which are not consistently numbered. Mrs. Peters' incredible effort is known to contain occasional inaccurate information as does any history book. Her book is provided here as is, without correction.

The book has been divided into sections as follows make downloads faster.

Part 1 - pages 1-15
Part 2 - pages 16-36
Part 3 - pages 37-57
Part 4 - pages 58-78
Part 5 - pages 79-99
Part 6 - pages 100-120
Part 7 - pages 121-141
Part 8 - pages 142-162
Part 9 - pages 163-183
Part 10 - pages 184-193




Alex School Yearbooks

The scans were done and the albums compiled by Shirley Horn Bray. Thanks!

1958 Alex Round Up yearbook
1968 Alex Round Up yearbook

More yearbooks coming soon!

This tab is under construction and information will be added soon.

This tab is under construction and information will be added soon.