Alex, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma

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The Alex Post Office

The following information about the Alex Post Office, Grady County, Oklahoma (originally established in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory), was originally provided to Christine Peters for inclusion in her book about Alex by Megaera Ausman, United States Postal Historian in Washington, DC.

Postmasters and Acting Postmasters, Alex, Indian Territory
William V. ALEXANDER 12/02/1885
Pleasant S. HAGY 07/09/1892
Barton Nolan BOND 05/17/1894
Mary E. WEAVER 05/19/1897
Martha E. ALEXANDER 01/06/1898
M H. SMITH 07/31/1907

Postmasters and Acting Postmasters, Alex, Oklahoma
Ben TRANDERMAN 01/22/1909
Charles CALLANAN 04/16/1912
Alfred J. STEIN 08/22/1914
Robert B. HILL 08/31/1922
Nealy GODWIN 05/12/1931
Lewis E. SLOAN 02/21/1936 (acting)
Lewis E. SLOAN 06/28/1941
Charles L ADDY 07/31/1957 (acting)
Charles L. ADDY 07/06/1960
Alma A. GRAHAM 06/08/1985
Kenneth R. BELDEN 10/02/1992 (officer in charge)
Kenneth R. BELDEN 03/06/1993
Barbara BRAND 02/23/2001 (Officer-In-Charge)
Becky R. FOSTER-STEPHENSON 08/11/2001 (surname changed to Stephenson on October 1, 2005)

Postmasters Charles Addy and Alma Graham pose with assistants Geneva Brooksher and Frank Hess.